I'm Adrian-Grigore Pop

an imagineer

  • Working as product manager, web developer, UI-UX designer, editor and entrepreneur
  • Have started on a late November day in 1960
  • Now located in the Bucharest area of Romania
  • Reachable at adrian dot pop at informagination dot ro
  • Or +40 722 283 [+ 3 times the first digit]
  • Ready to be Your personal web & computing Jedi

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Short version: I’m 57, but feel like 37 ;)
Pasionate about knowledge and web, with +30 years of experience;
Designer with a fondness for Typography and Minimalism;
Well-versed in numerous programming languages including JavaScript, PHP, HTML and CSS;
WordPress lover and General Translation Editor for the WordPress Romanian community;
Experienced computer engineer and software developer with +25 years as entrepreneur;
Editor and publisher of computer magazines, computer textbooks and websites;
Born in Zalău, grown in Cluj-Napoca, start working in Tîrgu Mureș and continuing in Bucharest.
Father of two twin daughters since 1985 and two sons since 2011 and 2013;
Dying for technology, science, visual arts and music since …forever.

Professional Skills

JavaScript, HTML & CSS
Information architecture
Adobe Creative Apps

Business Skills

Product Management
New Business Development
Change Management
Business Planning
Business Strategy

Languages Skills


Work Experience

2016 - today


Product manager, UI-UX designer

Startup a cloud application for entrepreneurs and accountants to help their business in new and meaningful ways.

2013 - today

informagination, srl

Owner, imagineer

Working for my partners as a personal adviser on computing and web technologies. Helping on designing and launching new projects, gardening their web sites and create beautiful designs for their communication needs.

2010 - 2016


Business development manager

Responsible with company communication both internally and externally. Re-branding, print and presentation materials, website development and content creation, UI and UX development for its web based products' interfaces.

2010 - today

Adrian Grigore Pop, PFA

Web developer & designer

Working on a range of projects: designing and programming websites; producing communication materials; typography, graphic and web design.

2001 - 2010

Agora Media, SA

Partner, Executive manager

Responsible with publishing activities, business planning & development, new products and design. Continuing Computer Press Agora publishing activities, diversifying the titles with eWeek Romania, Digital Trends and IT Trends, complemented with Conferences and Road Shows.

1995 - 2000

Computer Press Agora, SRL

Partner, Executive manager

Responsible with publishing activities, business planning & development, new products and design. Continuing the publication of PC Report, acquiring the license for BYTE Romania, and later for PC Magazine Romania. Publishing Gazeta de Informatica, CAD Report and IT textbooks.

1995 - today

Radiotel Mures, SRL

Partner, Administrator

Responsible with business development and strategy.
Introducing the first paging and radio networks in the city.
Developing the radio communication tower for radio communications, TV and Radio broadcast, internet links and cell-based communications.

1992 - 2010

HotSoft, SRL

Partner, Technical director

Doing all sort of things at the beginning: programming, DTP, editor, test engineer. Launching PC Report, the first major IT&C Romanian magazine. From 1995, the company became a holding and created several businesses in Software Development, IT Equipment Distribution, Radio Communication, Internet ISP, IT&C Publishing, English IT magazines & books distribution.
KeyMap - A keyboard driver and 180 fonts for Romanian language, for Windows 3.1 up to 95.

1990 - 1992

Computing Center of Targu Mures

Software developer

A redesign of a computing periferial as general purpose microcomputer with a DOS OS.
A graphical UI with animated menus and board movements for a chess algorithm.

1990 - 1994

Petru Maior University of Targu Mures

Lecturer, Department of Computer Science

Part of the team that created the Department of Computer Science at the Technical University. Teaching Introduction in Computer Architecture and Operating Systems.

1985 - 1990

IIRUC, S20, Targu Mures

Computer maintenance engineer

Computer maintenance for mainframe systems (an IBM 360 clone), minicomputers (a Digital PDP 11 clone) and microcomputers (an Atair 8800 clone) and finally PCs. Also the maintenance for their periferic devices: disk-pile units, magnetic tape units, teletype consoles, drum printers, punch card readers, and other equipments - now computing museum stuff :)

1984 - 1985

Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Automation and Computer Science

Graduation Project

Co-author of the first Personal Computer (PC) build at the University, based on the IBM PC specifications for Intel 8088 microprocessor.

Side Projects

2009 - 2016


Founder, Bass Guitar

A rock cover band, with a few shows per year, for our rock-loving friends :)

2014 - present


General Translation Editor, Romanian Site Editor

Volunteer in the WordPress Polyglots Team, working to bring the most popular internet personal publishing platform - WordPress - to the Romanians. Supervising the consistency and completion for all core translation projects, for main plugins and themes and validation for the rest of them.

2006 - 2009


Founder, Film Director, Actor, Bass Guitar Player

Founder of the ERUDIO Alumnae Association and participating in several projects of the association. Scripting and directing two short movies. Acting in a theater play. Playing bass guitar in a rock band.

2005 - 2010


Graphic & Web Designer, Web Developer

Brand design for the Educational Association and for its programs. Website creation, web developer and content editor.

Part of the team that build and launch a brand new political party in Romania. A center-right and liberal modern party - the first with an internet platform.
Responsible for visuals, communication and web. Creating the web platform. Web development and content creation.

1985 - 1990


Software Developer

Build a home computer HC 85 (a Sinclair 80 clone) from kit parts, design and build a parallel printer interface for it.
Creating a copy-encryption-decryption cassette tape program with on-the-fly self-auto-modification and reconfiguration for copyright protection.
An avant-la-lettre Office Suite for HC 85 with a word processor, a spreadsheet and vector based drawing programs.
A Basic program for modeling the blood flow in brain - Simulation of the Willis Polygon, etc.

1981 - 1985

Faculty's Students Association

Vice President for Cutural Activities

Responsible with student cultural activities, student festivals, and more.


2005 - 2006

ERISMA - Leadership Creativ

ERUDIO - Expresia Educatiei

1997 - 1999

EMBA - Executive Master of Business Administration

ASEBUSS - Romanian-American School of Business


Business Training and Cooperation for SMEs

An USAID Program

1985 - 1986

Computer Architecture Trainings for Mainframes, Mini and Micro-Computers Maintenance

IIRUC - Computing Equipment Maintenace Company

1980 - 1985

Computer Engineer, (MSc in Computer Science)

Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Automation and Computer Science

1980 - 1983

Classic Guitar

Popular School of Arts,Cluj-Napoca

1975 - 1978

Graphic Design

Popular School of Arts, Cluj-Napoca

1974 - 1979

Phisics & Mathematics Class

"Nicolae Balcescu" High School, Cluj-Napoca

Personal interests

  • Playing bass guitar
  • watch tv shows or movies
  • reading books
  • swimming
  • bicycling
  • travel
  • mountaineering

...and a bit of poetry

to one’s reverse – the univers diverse
to one’s inverse – the univers, a verse


250 EUR per day, or 50 EUR per hour

a day just for you

A whole day I’m yours for short web or IT related projects.
Preferably on a monthly basis, but not necessarily…
Every once in awhile you may need small – but nevertheless important – materials, content or website updates.
An hourly / daily based contract would be best suited for these needs.


750 EUR per week, or per small project

A week each month

A monthly based long term collaboration for all your needs regarding the IT & web infrastructure.
Projects and developments with digital support, upgrades, communication support, branding and ID design, presentation design, etc. All those things that you would like to do internally, but never have enough work to warrant two or three specialized full time positions.

Or you may have a small project, like a one-page presentation site, adding some new services/functionalities to your website, or a small design project.

2000 EUR starting price for a project

A project for you

A presentation website, a branding or a rebranding, a catalog / magazine / multimedia content design, a web enhancement or a redesign of your information infrastructure.
It can very well be project spanning several months, so you could test a new business ideea idea without the overhaul of big investments in personnel from the beginning.


I am pretty flexible and willing to accommodate my clients’ need and requirements. Do not hesitate to contact me, so we can further discuss the perfect solution for you.

Availability Calendar

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  • Email adrian.pop @ informagination.ro
  • Mobile +40 722 283 [+3×(first_digit)]
  • Skype adrian.g.pop
  • Slack @adrianpop on #wpromania
  • Location the Bucharest area, Romania